FRESHERS partY !!!!!!

Goodtime to all since the vacation was over the. Colleges reopened, then there was an incoming of fresher’s to my department. THEN WAT the freshers party starts wanna know about the fresher’s party go ahead

So our department members always welcome themΒ  to the department. When I entered the department there was an welcome address delivered both by staff and my seniors. So this time its me as a senior, I was asked to deliver a welcome speech to my incoming juniors πŸ™‡. What did I do there? There was no preparations made by me 😩 so u may ask ” wat did u do πŸ‘€ ?” The topic which I had to deliver was extra curricular activities regarding technical sideΒ  😲 wat a difficult task 😈 but any how I managed to do it. I prepared a slide show as I was on a way to college 🏫 at bus 🚌 bcoz it’s an one hr travel . Wat made my speech interesting to the juniors ? I gathered the topics which i was in need and wat was very interesting to me when i was there πŸŽƒ . So some more of my friends also


accompanied me during the welcome note πŸŽ’. But this year this took a lot time. I was surprised 😲 that how my department faculties gave us the whole day to address them. It remains as an Mystry till now to me. However we did the task very well. First the juniors were somewhat in a frightened mode them they began to speak casual then we build a rapo πŸƒ then I spoke to them about some interesting topics like armature radio πŸ“»πŸ“‘, personal weather station πŸŒ‡ , building a personal computers πŸ“Ί using raspberry pi & beaglebone black, IOT,Β  Importance of open πŸšͺ Hardware and many more so it was well planned and was well executed by whom? us ( thats who we are )πŸ‘½ . So we did it well how iam saying this is after that day the juniors started speaking to us and began to clarify their doubts πŸ‘ˆ so our speechπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ was a great success πŸ™ŒπŸ™†Β Β Β  IAM SO HAPPY ABOUT IT


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