Visit to local WEATHER STATION @ puducherry ( INDIA )

Hey friends I hope u all have an good time😜 all along. On seeing my previous posts 📤 you may know that my rate of work will be tremendous on week ends 😈. This Sunday I had went to visit the local weather station🌇 in Pondicherry located at lawspet. INDIAN METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT 🌃 🌇 📡  so wanna know about it go ahead  😊

So this Sunday I went to the office 🏢 . It was planned to be at 11 am🕚  but before I arrived there all my mates had assembled there so the visit was somewhat late due to me  😢 . Then there was a scientist and an officer at weather station they explained about the forecasting of weather 📡 . I had a nice time there at the office 🏢. I gained more knowledge that too in real application that were used in weather monitoring.  That how they measure the temperature, pressure, humidity , rain ☔ level , wind speed it’s direction these all may be already known to all of us but certain items such as thermograph, hydrograph, humid graph, barometric graph .
The instrument  which marks the humidity in a graph was really interesting  😲  because the material used to mark it in a perfect way they use the ”  hair “. So I advice to go to your local weather station in order to gain more knowledge and experience about the weather monitoring so the meeting was really inspiring to me I hope It will so be as such to u if u make a visit  thanks to my bro Mr.Murugavel who arranged this by seeking permission from Chennai thank you 😊 bro


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