Hello friends since it is a long time after writing a blog post , since busy with my semester here i come to speak about the peoples to whom I’m thank full somewhat more personal too because of them only i got a lots of thing ., learned a lots of things , got exposures, etc sooo on. There in that comes craken sio, kavine ace , maniraj aravind, naveen, prasana bro , murugavelji…… because of them i learned a lots of new things which are entirely different and mind-blowing, my life entirely changed because of these guys. Apart from these infinite lists of friends who were the cause for my development since they use to boost me up, encourage me, give me comments so that i can correct and do things that i can make better, I’m relay proud to these guys in my life, there are enemies they too hold an important possition because they are the urge for me to work i really thank them for that they keep me constantly on work. Above all there is an girl who made me to understand what life is she conveyed those things in a beautiful way. Thank you all


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