A cute article about my horrible day today

I got up at morning in
my work station, got to know that last night was busy with my thesis stuff ohh god it time 7 45 I wanna do a lots of work, from there it nearly took me 30 min to drive to my home maintaing an average of 70Kmph then I got that my works could not be done, then after some time some more of my works went in vain, UHHH -_-  then switched on my desktop to simulating circuits for my thesis in MATLAB simulink package, the screen appeared that the update have been registering, k i waited after sometimes  i came back it was still running on k then after an hour i saw the screen was black i hit the enter button my CPU led display flashed it was a idle for half an hour then i restated the same operation of registering update was going then the same which happened abov happened again, i got pissed off switched over to   on my same desktop it was booting normally omg then i realized about this crappy shit     its the blue screen of death, then i tried several method of examining the hardware by opening the cabinet box , removed the RAM rubbed it and inserted it unplugged my hard disk checked it and reinserted it, checking the SMPS etc…… 😦 all went in vain adding to it there was a power cut around 12 noon i was very tired so i rested on my computer table without knowing me i slept when i woke up it was 4 30 pm i was terribly hungry since i dint eat anything from last night and there was no one in my home to keep on pinging me to eat so i went to kitchen and prepared stuffs and ate and returned to fix that again took my lap searched it in the web but the windows help center was more crappy then its product, what does all these people are doing there being a ceo, then i did several method i called and asked my dad whether he had any issue with the PC last noon, he said no and asked me to take to shop but i wanna try it to solve by myself, hen i got to know about the recovery disc i i dint have it 😦 then i went to my friends house burned a start up disc, came to my home did some stuffs and at-last at 7pm i fixed it wowwwww i delighted in distressed tonne to myself. the hole  day was wasted in that crappy stuff 😦 😦 😦      -_-rt eses

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