How to make Linux-Mint faster

hello fellas 🙂 ,

I,m very much addicted to Linux, especially the Linux-Mint so here is my blog which tells about how to make the Ubuntu-Mint faster, which applies for all Linux machines like desktop, Laptop, notebooks and if any. While installing we have declared the swap space ( for installation tutorial click here ), by default in Ubuntu there is a tendency to start using the swap space.

Here considering about the Ubuntu with ‘512 MB’ or less RAM, the virtual memory on the hard drive is much slower when compared to the real RAM. The swap has a value of 0 to 100, where the ‘0’ – condition tends to a fully off state, while ‘100’ is swap is constantly used

to check the current state or the amount of the swap in your machine follow the steps,

Application > Accessories > Terminal (or) keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T

cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

hit the Enter

usually, the value of the swap is 60 – 70, reduce th3e swap tendency here as follows

Open the Terminal ( Application > Accessories > Terminal (or) keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + T” )

prefer to copy and paste the commands so that you may reduce the chance of occurring the error while typing the commands

gksudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf

hit Enter.

now the gedit text editor window opens with a specific text file. At the bottom of that text file add the following lines ( copy and paste)

# Reduce the swap tendency
vm. swappiness = 10

Save the text file ( Ctrl + s ) and Exit the Gedit ( text editor )

Restart the Computer,

for the machines deployed in the home if it has the RAM has greater than ‘1GB’ the value of swap can be given more than ’10’, since less than ‘1 GB’ I gave as ’10’

That’s it


have a hands-on of it in ur PC



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